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For When Melatonin Gets Meh

I very nearly called this lil' newsletter "The Gist" because that's how much I love The Strategist. And that's where I learned about Calm - Sleep.

I typically use Trader Joe's melatonin sleep mix, but it wasn't consistently getting me to sleep or keeping me asleep. I thought maybe I needed a higher dosage of melatonin and got some fancy time-release capsules that are supposed make sure you stay asleep once you doze off.

DISAPPOINTING (Doubly disappointing because I just remembered I forgot to return them on my last trip to Target).

Finally, I decided to give Calm a try. I have capsules, but there's also gummies and powder you can mix into water. There are also different kinds of Calm. The main ingredient is magnesium, so you don't want to over do it unless you're looking for that Metamucil effect. There's also melatonin, l-theanine, and GABA (the usual sleep aid suspects).

What I like about Calm is that it makes me feel like I swallowed a cloud. I just get really relaxed and fuzzy. I take it about 30-minutes before bed and read until I'm too drowsy to keep my eyes open. And, for me at least, it makes me feel like whatever worries my mind is attempting fixate on pre-bedtime don't stick. They're floating around out there on the other side of the cloud.

When I take Calm I generally get a solid 6-8 hours of sleep in. If I wake up in the middle of the night, the fuzzy effect makes it easy for me to fall back asleep. Even if I reach over and check my Facebook, which generally will mean I'm up-up. The capsules taste like lavender.

Unlike melatonin, you shouldn't get comfortable taking Calm before bed every night. I dunno why, that's just what is says on the side of the bottle. I've reserved it for when there's too much on my mind before bed or if I have a big day the next day and I'm worried I won't get enough sleep (and then I end up in the frustrating place where the worry about sleeping keeps me up!).  I also wouldn't advise it if you're not aiming for a full night sleep. I wouldn't feel comfortable getting roused from a Calm sleep and then having to drive a car or something. Be sure to read the labels, do your own research, and chat with your doc if ya need to (I just suggest shit, I am not a medical professional!).

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