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Ends Newsletter, Then Has 5AM Thoughts She Needs to Share

Hey y'all, you prolly weren't expecting me back in your inbox so soon. WELL ME NEITHER. But I got a lot of thoughts right now I'd like to share with you. So, welcome to this fever dream of an email.

Pinterest dropped their predictions for 2022. Last year, their predictions for 2021 trends were 80% accurate, which is kinda wild.

Pinterest Predicts 2022 | Pinterest Business
Before you see it everywhere, see it here. Welcome to Pinterest Predicts, your window into the trends we expect will rise in 2022.

I found the list of trends super interesting and I was surprised by how many of them aligned with directions I already felt myself being pulled toward for 2022. Anyways, check it out and let me know what you think.

When Toni Morrison passed away, I didn't grieve much because I felt like she'd given us so much and had been celebrated and lived a long life doing what she loved. We weren't owed anymore and I hoped she enjoyed wherever the journey took her next.

But losing bell hooks felt too. fucking. soon. 69? I'm about to be 37 in a few weeks and that would mean I've lived more than half my life. That's not okay. We are losing Black folks entirely too early. Racism internally ages our bodies. Read about weathering. Read about John Henry-ism. Although, it's being reported bell hooks passed from end-stage renal failure, I saw a tweet from a writer whose family is in the area that bell hooks had been dealing with congenital heart disease. I know several Black women in my age range who are facing the same. How. And. Why.

I quit my job in June. And I've actively been doing Not Much. And this time has felt self-indulgent and, perhaps even, selfish. But I truly believe I've been saving my own life. I have not been productive. I have squandered entire days. Black women need rest and reprieve. I had an opportunity to provide that to myself in the wake of a hard winter/spring and I did so and I'm JUST NOW after nearly 6 months of doing nothing but focusing on my own welfare feeling like myself again. I honestly cannot say what state I'd be in if I didn't have this "luxury" or if I was trying to mother during this time as well or facing financial insecurity.

I don't know what the answer is to any of this, but there are too many Black women going under while waiting for one.

Next week is solstice. Days will begin to get longer. There will be more sunshine to let in.

Hang in there. Brighter days are coming.

Y'all my disco days are done. The timing of the pandemic means I don't have the stamina to return to being up-all-night-drunk-and-dancing. I think you could prolly get me out a special occasion or the rare night that just kinda ends up on a dance floor. But I think I've hung up my party girl shoes for real, for real this time.

I ran into a DJ friend, who at 29, says most of his crowds are far younger than him.

I read that Capricorns age in reverse. We get more care-free and irresponsible as we get older. I believe that. But these knees and feet are very much aging in a typical manner lol.

I saw meme that we're all too scary to claim 2022 as our year, but I'm not buying it. I feel like so many of us right now are tigers in a cage pacing back and forth waiting to be uncaged beasts. We've come to the understanding that THIS IS IT. We are not going back and our government is not going to help us move forward. We're beginning to understand how to apply our strengths new ways for this new normal and we have idea of what our new vision for our lives and our community are and I think there's just gonna be a lot of people not taking shit in 2022.

But I guess we'll see.

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