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Glass Nail Files Will Make You Feel Boss

The first time I bought a glass nail file, it was an impulse purchase at the register at an Ace Hardware. I cannot even remember why I was in this po' dunk lil' Ace Hardware off some random road in Riverside, CA. But there I was and there the existence of glass nail files entered into my life.

There are a lot of cheap places to purchase a glass nail file including this site where I snagged this pic of someone filing their nails with a glass nail file.

I really, really hate broken or torn nails. I keep a set of baby nail clippers in my car door. But I don't like to keep them in my purse because they can scratch up my phone screen.

But I hate the way emery boards feel and I don't want to be rummaging around in my purse and come across their sand paper-y surface. Glass nail files usually come with a plastic sleeve, but even without the sleeve the textural experience is still superior.

Plus, you will feel like a total boss when whip out your glass nail file and start filing your nails. A friend once told me when she saw mine she knew she had to get one because it just looked so f'n classy.

Most of them are clear like the one in the photo with a handle tinted in a color like purple or pink or blue or whatever. I've also had all black glass nail files, which are really upped the cool factor.

These nail files are so cheap, I generally order like a 10 at a time and just keep them all over the place like in my purse, by my bedside, in my car, etc. Eventually, the surface on the glass does wear away and gets too smooth for filing your nails. But in my experience, they last a long time.

There's also some mumbo jumbo on the Internet about them being better for your nails because they don't split the layers of keratin or something but I can't verify that info. I mostly just use them because they look cool.

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