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Grandma's Little Secret

Four years ago, I was in Nashville with a friend and we stopped off for BBQ before heading back to Louisville. I attempted to add more BBQ sauce to my ribs and I guess the spout to the bottle was stopped up, and when my squeezing unclogged it, BBQ sauce squirted EVERYWHERE, including my all over my off-white maxi dress. I was so heated.

I drove all the way back to Louisville and when my mom saw me, she said, "I can get that out." She had this small bottle of "Grandma's Little Secret" in her laundry nook. Applied to the stains all over my dress and threw the dress in the wash. Every bit of that BBQ sauce came out!

What is in this stuff? Water from the Eden???!

Over the years, I've used this stuff on EVERYTHING. Blood. Makeup. WHAT IS THIS EVEN. And this stuff has never failed me. It also takes very little and I am still using the same bottle my mom gave me all those years ago. And the best part? This stuff is absurdly cheap and easy to find.

Fore more deets, check out this article on Today.com.

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