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I Knee-d to Tell You Something

It's almost over-the-knee sock season. Can I recommend Sock Dreams?

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I've been a fan of this site for YEARS now. And somehow, just realized today, it's Black woman owned (OUT OF PORTLAND NO LESS), so even better.

When I first moved to Denver I wanted to do the cute over-the-knee sock look, but damn Forever 21 was not rocking with thick-thighed girls on that one. I found this site, ordered a few pairs and I was very happy with what I got for my money.

In addition to socks and stockings for thick thighs, they also have options for long-legged folks, short-statured folks, and others. They're a super progressive brand with a minimalistic website. They do use USPS, so get your orders in now before the holiday crush.

I finished reading my 5oth book of the year last night!!! I've never read this many  books in one year in my whole entire life. I'm feeling real proud of myself.

I'm packing for a trip and trying to decide, which books to bring and have already made peace with the fact that I'll be packing more books than I'll actually read. It is what it is y'all.

I'm still not writing, but maybe I will today? That first day of the month energy got me feeling motivated. Right now, I'm mostly just cleaning and packing, but maybe I'll put a few words down too?

In response to last week's newsletter, reader Heather G. emailed me,

I was thinking of your newsletter while I’m listening to a biography of Cleopatra. The author was talking about how propaganda existed even in ancient times, and how many rulers would brag on their monuments that there was no famine during their reign, but we know that not to be true.
And I thought, hmmmm, we probably know that not to be true because there’s always been this fourth estate of people whispering on the page “he’s lying,” speaking the truth even after thousands of years. It’s powerful work, writing, even if sometimes it feels really inward. There’s always the chance you’ll be that person whispering the truth about the famine, you know!?

Much of what we know historically about the lives of marginalized folks, comes from memoir and personal essay (and aside from being a woman dominated genre, I think this contributes to how dismissive the literary world can be about this type of writing).

There's power in creating a record of something and it's a power any of us can wield.

Don't be reckless.

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