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It's My Birthday (Almost) – Indulge Me

It's My Birthday (Almost) – Indulge Me

Welcome. This is just the beginning.

For years, I've toyed with the idea of offering recommendations in some kind of official capacity beyond my big-sisterly-bossiness. I've had short-lived blogs that felt like a lot of work (Wordpress! Resizing images! SEO-Oh, no!), I've found that I prefer to Instagram like a regular person (inconsistent posts with no scheme in sight – visually or otherwise) over the time intensive process of being an actual influencer, and I was Louisville's bi-weekly relationship advice columnist, but that gig kept me confined to matters of the heart.

Which is why this newsletter wave is so exciting to me. Finally, a place and a way to talk about what I want with a direct connection to you. No more social media middleman with annoying algorithms to manage and no kind of easy archive for when you're finally ready to upgrade your towels but can't find that post I made about the ones I bought a few months back.

And already I feel like I'm doing this wrong. Will writers want to read my lifestyle suggestions? Will those who are here for my tips want the ones about words too? But doing two separate newsletters just felt like... well... doing 2x the work. And why should I have to abide by these newly emerging newsletter best practices? I'm not out to win the newsletter olympics.

Putting this site and newsletter together required a bit more coding than I expected, but as I plucked my way through learning how to tweak this template (and there are still so many things I gotta figure out how to do!), it brought me back to being 14. I randomly picked up my dad's HTML textbook and began doing custom stuff with my Geocities and Angelfire sites. Just for fun. No interest in an audience. Just spending hours making webpage after webpage embroiled in the joy and puzzle of learning something new. And then at some point I stopped. Probably because of The Sims and the Myspace and LiveJournal. I miss that willingness to create something new with no commitment to the outcome.

I dunno that I can say this is an attempt to rediscover that willingness, I have an audience now (Hey, you!) and I'm in a different place in my life. But what I would like to do is let my instincts and desires guide me, allow myself to write about what I want however I want to, and just hope these words find the right people.

Besides, I believe everyone is a writer – Even if you never say so out loud.

For those of you not here for the overlap, my plan is to publish my recs and anything books or writing in separate installments to make it easy for you to delete what you don't want. Everything will also be appropriately categorized and tagged, as well, so you can pop over to the website and peruse the content you most care about with ease (As you've prolly intuited by now, I am a Capricorn).

This space is mine, but it's also yours. I welcome your comments on these posts. Offer recommendations of your own, ask follow up questions, and connect with each other. And if you'd like to make a request or ask for advice, email me at mindahoney@gmail.com. Don't be shy: If you wanna know, somebody else prolly does too.

Let's talk about subscriptions. You should subscribe. You'll get each post delivered to your inbox by the magical hands of the Internet. I'm not coy about asking for what I'm worth, but also 2020 was a hard, hard year for lots of folks and we aren't out of the woods yet. With that in mind, you can subscribe to this newsletter for free, if that's where you're at right now. Or if you'd like to (and can do so easily), you can choose to support my writing by joining at the monthly or the annual rate.

Right now, my vision is to make all my content available to all subscribers, regardless of how you're subscribed, as long as you've signed up because this sort of thing generally shakes out pretty equitable for the creator and the community members without needing to sort y'all out by your financial class like we're at the airport or something. If that turns out not to be the case, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

I'll also use this newsletter to announce when I've published something new, upcoming workshops I'm leading (like these porch classes I'm teaching online February and March), and general life updates.

Anyways, I think that's more than enough for now. Wish me a happy birthday in the comments or let me know if you have any special requests. <3

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