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The Easiest Nail Fix Ever

I have super long nail beds, so if I'm not diligent about trimming my nails, I get a side tear on my thumb nail so high up I can't cut it without drawing blood – Owie.

When this happens, I want to believe that I can just be extra cautious until my nail grows out enough for me to handle tear. This is not a strong plan. I invariably snag it on something and it painfully tears further.

If I'm down to for those games, I'll wrap a Band-Aid around it. If you've done this, you already know it's not an ideal solution. Your finger gets sweaty, the Band-Aid leaves residue behind, and there's a lot of potential for it to get gross and dirty. And it's not like Band-Aids are cheap. I don't want to use several a day over a damn nail.

If you ask the Internet, it'll tell you to cut up a tea bag and paint it down with clear nail polish – and look that's a lot of steps and it doesn't really work that well and I don't particularly like wasting tea (and paper tea bags are as common nowadays.

So, the last time this happened to me, I wondered why there wasn't nail tape for this purpose. Headed off to Google it, I thought about how the tape would need to be sticky, have staying power, but lift up easily without leaving residue behind. Then I remembered I have some tape JUST LIKE THAT.

And you probably do too! Remember all that Washi tape you bought for craft projects you never did? I slapped some on my torn thumbnail and it worked! It generally held for a day or two and even survived me washing my hair (the design washed away but the tape still did its job). Plus, it looks kinda cute too, right?

If you give it a go, lemme know if it worked for you too!

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