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WEW: The Shot You Didn't Shoot

This week, let's dive into REGRETS, lowercase "r" – we ain't that close yet lol.

Part of my origin story, is that I was living THE LIFE in LA when my job got rid of my job, promoted me, and moved me to Denver. I was DEVASTATED. I scrambled to find a new job, but couldn't and being job less (and car less cause I drove a company car) in LA was not the move. So, I HAD TO move to Denver.


One part of the story I rarely tell, is that the same day I was in Denver on business and looking at apartments to live in when I moved in a couple weeks, was that my old company called me up and offered me a position in NYC.

Having lived in LA, there's a part of me that absolutely wanted to give life in NYC a try, but my salary would be low, they weren't covering my relocation costs, and I'd have to be in NYC by the end of the month. I even had a NYC boo that it'd have been dope to spend more time with... I know people have moved to NYC on less and with less, but I was SCARED.

I immediately told them no and hung up the phone as if they'd never called.

I pushed that moment so far out of my mind that it's only been within the past few years, that it's resurfaced. And only now that I can really pause and wonder, what if? I mean, my life turned out fine, so low-stakes, but still... What if?

This exercise is not just an opportunity to poke around in your memory, it's a chance to speculate, to consider and ponder what an alternate future would have looked like. Flex your imagination muscles. Make sure this alternate path isn't all good or all bad and consider what you'd be giving up from your current path in exchange for your time spent on the path not taken.

Don't forget, if you share your writing with me (5o0 words max) with the subject line WEW - [YOUR NAME] by next Tuesday, I'll post an excerpt from it.

And, just in case you missed it, I had an essay published last week by Catapult about what it takes to become a writer and yesterday about the passing of Shock G and who gets to be publicly desired on ESPN's The Undefeated. Thanks for reading and sharing.

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