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Why Aren't Jar Spatulas Standard?!

One day, I was struggling to get the last bit of something or another out of some jar or another, when it occurred to me that there should be long, skinny spatulas that allow you to sweep the remnants from a narrow mouthed jar with ease. My follow up thought was, No, this is absolutely a thing, I just don't own one. And it is.

I'm pretty sure this is the exact model I have, but I doubt I paid this much for it.

The jar spatula pays for itself in all the saved time and additional sauce, jam and other jar-ish you can consume. And I imagine if you're the responsible soul who washes all your jars before pitching them into the recycling bin, this will make that task even easier.

I don't know why these aren't standard in every kitchen across America. There are tons of places you can buy these and lots of different styles too.

And you know what else? They even make mini-ones to use for beauty products.

I was hesitant to share this recommendation so early in the year because what could I possible bring into your life that's better than a jar spatula?

Bar set too high.

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