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You Don't Need to Know Anything About Writing to Write

Oops! I totally forgot to send out a writing installment of my newsletter yesterday. I had a tweet garner a little bit of attention last week.

Based on this tweet, an outlet asked me to write an entire essay, which I did and is why I forgot to send out my newsletter! I will let you know when the essay is published.

While we wait on the essay to go live, I'd like to expand on my thoughts more with you all because a lot of people told me this tweet was exactly what they needed to hear.

A whole lot of schooling has created this need in so many of us to "feel like we're on the right track." But when we were kids we'd pick up a pencil and just draw or write without hesitation. We'd pull our heads out of a book and feel inspired to create something of our own. There weren't all these hang ups around not knowing how to. You just did it and just did it for you.

Then the world creeps in with its self-doubt and its legion of haters ready to rain on your parade. It becomes uncomfortable to do something we're not good at and won't immediately get better at. I suffer from this myself because almost all of the writing I do these days is intended for an audience and I'm so aware of what my peers and our contemporary literary greats are churning out.

Then, I have to remind myself of little kid Minda who both wanted the things I have now but would also be amazed I grew up and got to do the things I always wanted. I have to remember Minda who worked 40 hours a week in Corporate America and had no idea in just a few short years, I'd be fully immersed in a world of writing. I have to think about all the many iterations of myself over the years that was completely enamored by absolutely awful writing simply because I was the one who had created it.

Your writing doesn't have to be perfect or beautiful or any kind of good to be loved by you. But I promise if you keep loving on your writing, it will blossom into something beautiful someday and even if it doesn't, your joy in it will remain the same.

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